I had to give up my Ibiza Studio after 30 + years where I had painted all the wildlife oils for the various London Galleries and Christies Wildlife Auctions. 
Lockdowns had made it impossible to keep a lonely wild home and studio out of sight and completely off-grid. The house and studio sold immediately …people do love to be off grid!!

In the second Lockdown I have built a fabulous wooden studio in Oxfordshire and I have finished a few and exiting large charcoals and several new oils, it is a lovely place to work.

My second project of 2021 was to adapt a little old village house in the tiny village where I spent the first 4 months of lockdown 2020.  The Master bedroom is now an ample studio with a nice Juliet Balcony for maximum air and light. The rest of the house is a cosy place stuffed with the favorite furnishings from Ibiza plus loads of lovely books about art and Spain. It is in a remote and very wild part of La Mancha, Spain.
The link below will take you to some of my lockdown experiences here,
perhaps you will understand why I wish to continue living and working in this amazing place :


After a lovely Christmas reunion with all factions of our family at last “allowed” to be together around the festive table…I spent some months preparing new work in charcoal and pastels. Local artists connected to this little village have formed a group called PelegrinArt  and inaugurated a new Exhibition space just opposite my house/ studio. It is a very nice space under the Centro Cultural of this zone. This area is particularly interesting for geologists, naturalists and many other “ologists”. The exhibition went well, we were 7 artists, sculpture, ceramics, porcelain, oils, pastels, charcoals and mixed media. Everyone sold something, there was good publicity, and we were featured on TV.

I then returned to UK and had a lovely Oxfordshire Artweeks . With my own site in Farm-Ed and great visits to other artists sites throughout Oxfordshire.

Since then I have been painting madly and exhibiting and selling in Burford Garden Company Gallery.